5 piece Ludwig maple series Zep style drums w/ 26 inch Bass Drum
Ludwig hardware
Paiste 2002 series cymbals
Wuhan splash and china
DW double kick pedal
DW Hi Hat stand
Latin Percussion cowbell,
chimes, tambourine
Promark sticks
Shure SM58 microphone
Jeff walked the path that his older brother Jim was on, and began at a young age
playing mom's old cake containers for drums and dad's used saw blades for his
cymbals. Jeff started out with a vintage
Slingerland 5 piece that his father got
from who knows where?? Jeff and Jim began jamming every night after school in
the garage.
Jeffs influences include,
Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Tommy Lee,
Alex Van Halen and of course John Bonham. This was what the doctor ordered
for Jim. Jeff and Jim played together until Jim went to college and Jeff joined the
Navy. Jeff continued to play the drums by sitting in for bands on weekends in
Alameda, California bars. When Jeff returned home from the Navy it seemed like
he and Jimmy picked up right where they left off. Jeff purchased a
Pearl Export
series with the money he had saved while in the Navy, and the two were back at it
Jeff sold his
Pearl kit and purchased his long awaited dream kit.....A maple series
Zep style
Ludwig.......The legacy continues.
* Jeff DiPerna *