(new songs)
        A   Ride on  (AC/DC)
  1.      Dirty Deeds  (AC/DC)
  2.      TNT  (AC/DC)
  3.      Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC)
  4.       Highway To Hell (AC/DC)
  5.      The Rooster (Alice In Chains)
  6.      Your Decision (Alice In Chains)
  7.      Dream On  (Aerosmith)
  8.      Sweet Emotion  (Aerosmith)
  9.      Livin In A Dream (Arc Angels)
  10. B    Feel Like Makin Love  (Bad Company)
  11.      Shooting Star (bad Company)
  12.      Dead or Alive  (Bon Jovi)
  13.      Livin On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)
  14.      Runaway (Bon Jovi)
  15.      Ziggy Stardust  (David Bowie)
  16.      Godzilla  (Blue Oyster Cult)
  17.      Cuts Like A Knife  (Bryan Adams)
  18.      Black Sabbath  (Black Sabbath)
  19.      War Pigs  (Black Sabbath)
  20.      Never Say Die (Black Sabbath)
  21.      Come Down  (Bush)
  22.      Machine Head  (Bush)
  23.      Daytripper  (The Beatles)
  24.      Eight Days A Week  (The Beatles)
  25.      In The Blood  (Better Than Ezra)
  26.      Heartbreaker  (Pat Benatar)
  27.      Treat Me Right (Pat Benatar)
  28.      Promises in the Dark (Pat Benatar)
  29.      Hell Is For Children (Pat Benatar)
  30. C   Spy  (The Clarks)
  31.      Sunshine Of Your Love  (Cream)
  32.      White Room (Cream)
  33.      My Own Prison  (Creed)
  34.      Arms Wide Open  (Creed)
  35.      One  (Creed)
  36.      One Last Breath  (Creed)
  37.      Higher  (Creed)
  38.      My Sacrifice  (Creed)
  39.      Hide  (Creed)
  40.      Overcome (Creed)
  41.      Weathered  (Creed)
  42. D    Blue Cars  (Dishwalla)
  43.      Hysteria   (Def Leppard)
  44.      Photograph (Def Leppard)
  45.      Bringin on the Heartbreak (def Leppard)
  46.      Love Me Two Times  (The Doors)
  47.      Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)
  48.      Space Truckin (Deep Purple)
  49. E    Witchy Woman  (The Eagles)
  50.      Take It Easy  (The Eagles)
  51. F    Hero  (Foo Fighters)
  52.      Everlong  (Foo Fighters)
  53.      Kiss me Deadly (Lita Ford)
  54.      Feels Like The First Time (Foreigner)
  55.      Do You Feel  (Peter Frampton)
  56.      Bad Day  (Fuel)
  57.      Hemorrhage  (Fuel)
  58.      Shimmer (Fuel)
  59.      Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
  60.      Satisfaction Guaranteed  (The Firm)
  61. G   Lost In America  (The Gathering Field)
  62.      Name  (Goo Goo Dolls)
  63.      Naked  (Goo Goo Dolls)
  64.      Longview  (Green Day)
  65.      Welcome To The Jungle (Guns and Roses)
  66. H   Star Spangled Banner  (Jimi Hendrix)
  67.      Hey Joe  (Jimi Hendrix)
  68.      Manic Depression  (Jimi Hendrix)
  69.      Stone Free  (Jimi Hendrix)
  70.      Voodoo Child  (Jimi Hendrix)
  71.      Are You Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix)
  72.      Fire  (Jimi Hendrix)
  73.      Angel  (Jimi Hendrix)
  74.      Purple Haze  (Jimi Hendrix)
  75.      Red House  (Jimi Hendrix)
  76.      Magic Man  (Heart)
  77.      Barracuda  (Heart)
  78. I     Wish You Were Here  (Incubus)
  79.      White Wedding (Billy Idol)
  80. J    You Gotta Another Thing Comin  (Judas Priest)
  81.      Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane)
  82.      Any Way You Want It (Journey)
  83.      Stone In Love (Journey)
  84.      Wheel In The Sky (Journey)
  85. K    Detroit Rock City  (Kiss)
  86.      Love Gun  (Kiss)
  87.      Dr. Love  (Kiss)
  88.      Rock and Roll All Nite (Kiss)
  89.      Firehouse (Kiss)
  90.      Don't Tell Me You Love Me (Knight Ranger)
  91. L    Braun Yr Aur  (Led Zeppelin)
  92.      Dazed And Confused  (Led Zeppelin)
  93.      Over The Hills and Far Away  (Led Zeppelin)
  94.      The Rover  (Led Zeppelin)
  95.      Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
  96.      The Song Remains The Same/Stairway To Heaven Medley  (Led Zeppelin)
  97.      What is And What Should  (Led Zeppelin)
  98.      Moby Dick  (Led Zeppelin)
  99.      Ramble On  (Led Zeppelin)
  100.      Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
  101.      Communication Breakdown  (Led Zeppelin)
  102.      Good Times Bad Times  (Led Zeppelin)
  103.      Babe I'm Gonna Leave You  (Led Zeppelin)
  104.      Misty Mountain Hop  (Led Zeppelin)
  105.      The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin)
  106.      The Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
  107.      Your Time Is Gonna Come (Led Zeppelin)
  108.      Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin)
  109.      Lightening Crashes  (Live)
  110.      I Alone  (Live)
  111.      Sweet Home Alabama  (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  112.      Simple Man  (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  113.      Gimme Back My Bullets  (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  114.      Needle And Spoon (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  115. M   For Whom The Bell Tolls  (Metallica)
  116.      Push  (Matchbox Twenty)
  117.      Rockin Me  (Steve Miller)
  118.      I Think I'm In Love (Eddie Money)
  119.      Shapes of Things to Come (Gary Moore)
  120.      Helter Skelter (Motley Crue)
  121.      Dr. Feelgood (Motley Crue)
  122.      Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue)
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Neutral Loss songs for lyrics
          N   Cat Scratch Fever  (Ted Nugent)
  1.      All By Myself  (Neutral Loss)
  2.      Believe  (Neutral Loss)
  3.      Black Cloud  (Neutral Loss)
  4.      Buried  (Neutral Loss)
  5.      Creep Up On You  (Neutral Loss)
  6.      Crossing The Line  (Neutral Loss)
  7.      Change  (Neutral Loss)
  8.      Don't Close Your Eyes  (Neutral Loss)
  9.      Downtown  (Neutral Loss)
  10.      Fading Fast  (Neutral Loss)
  11.      For Me  (Neutral Loss)
  12.      Grieve (Neutral Loss)
  13.      In Your Head  (Neutral Loss)
  14.      Lessons Of The Young  (Neutral Loss)
  15.        Miss You  (Neutral Loss)
  16.      Must Be A Reason  (Neutral Loss)
  17.      Pre Cursor  (Neutral Loss)
  18.      See Right Through  (Neutral Loss)
  19.      Slain  (Neutral Loss)
  20.      The Queen  (Neutral Loss)
  21.      Wanna Get To Know You (Neutral Loss
  22.      Turning Away (Brand New Neutral Loss Original!)
     O    Flying High Again (Ozzy Osbourne)
            I Don't Know (Ozzy Osbourne)
            Diary of a Madman (Ozzy Osbourne)
     P     Who Knew (Pink)
            Comfortably Numb  (Pink Floyd)
  1.      Young Lust  (Pink Floyd)
  2.      Run Like Hell  (Pink Floyd)
  3.      Brick In The Wall  (Pink Floyd)
  4.      Time (Pink Floyd)
  5.      Alive  (Pearl Jam)
  6.      Black  (Pearl Jam)
  7.      Daughter (Pearl Jam)
  8.      Immortality  (Pearl Jam)
  9.      Release  (Pearl Jam)
  10.      Corduroy   (Pearl Jam)
  11.      Even Flow  (Pearl Jam)
  12.      Better Man  (Pearl Jam)
  13.      Nothing Man  (Pearl Jam)
  14.      Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)
  15.      Why Go (Pearl Jam)
  16.      State of Love and Trust (Pearl Jam)
  17.      Blurry  (Puddle Of Mud)
  18. R   Working Man  (Rush)
  19.      Doo Doo Doo (Rolling Stones)
  20.      Time For Me To Fly  (REO Speedwagon)
  21.      Take It On The Run (REO Speedwagon)
  22. S    Goodbye To You (Scandal)
  23.      Plowed  (Sponge)
  24.      Plush  (Stone Temple Pilots)
  25.      For You  (Staind)
  26.      Its Been A While  (Staind)
  27.      Fade  (Staind)
  28.      Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)
  29. T    Loser  (Three Doors Down)
  30.      Kryptonite  (Three Doors Down)
  31.      When I'm Gone  (Three Doors Down)
  32.      Breakdown (Tom Petty)
  33.      Open Up Your Eyes  (Tonic)
  34.      If You Could Only See  (Tonic)
  35.      Lay it on the Line (Triumph)
  36.      Day of the Eagle (Robin Trower)
  37. U   With Or Without You  (U2)
  38.      The Real Thing  (U2)
  39.      In God's Country (U2)
  40.      Stealin  (Uriah Heep)
  41. V    The Sky Is Crying  (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
  42.      Cold Shot  (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
  43.      Beautiful Girls  (Van Halen)
  44.      Cathedral  (Van Halen)
  45.      Hot For Teacher  (Van Halen)
  46.      D.O.A.  (Van Halen)
  47.      So This Is Love  (Van Halen)
  48.      Where Have All The Good Times Gone  (Van Halen)
  49.        Eruption  (Van Halen)
  50.      You Really Got Me  (Van Halen)
  51.      Ice Cream Man  (Van Halen)
  52.      Mean Streets  (Van Halen)
  53.      Aint Talkin About Love  (Van Halen)
  54.      Dance The Night Away  (Van Halen)
  55.      Little Dreamer  (Van Halen)
  56.      Unchained  (Van Halen)
  57.      Bottoms Up (Van Halen)
  58.      Spanish Fly (van Halen)
  59.      Little Guitars intro (Van Halen)
  60.      Feel Your Love Tonight (Van Halen)
  61. W   Heaven (Warrant)
  62.      Wont Get Fooled Again  (The Who)
  63.      Baba O'Reily  (The Who)
  64.      My Generation (The Who)
  65.      Pinball Wizard (The Who)
  66. Z    Beer Drinkers  (ZZ Top)
  67.      Just Got Paid  (ZZ Top)
  68.      Pearl Necklace (ZZTop)
  69.      Fool For Your Stockings (ZZTop)
  70.      Waitin On The Bus (ZZ Top)
  71.      Jesus Left Chicago (ZZ Top)