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Fading Fast and
     Today a great journey has come to end. After 13 memorable years with our
bass player and lead vocalist, Rick Cerra , we've decided to part ways and
move on to new chapters in our musical careers. Through the years together
we produced and released 2 original CDs, played some of the best venues in
the area, contributed to so many benefit concerts and rang the ears of so
many fans with our precise classic rock covers which would be challenging
for most bands in the area. We did this with so much energy, with only 3
members and occasionally special guest appearances. We are very grateful
to all of our fans who supported us through all the years. This will not be the
end of Neutral Loss however. This will be a new beginning for us. We wish
Rick the best of luck. Please stay tuned as Neutral Loss will continue bringing
the best rock covers and original material to our fans and venues all around
the area. Thanks for an awesome 13 years Rick.

We are updating our schedule so keep checking back for the latest show

On to the Hard Rock Cafe on 10/18/14!!! There will NOT BE AN OPENING BAND!!
We will take the stage at about 9:45 pm.

Great show at Rivertowne Brewery last Saturday night... One of the best in
2014. Thanks to all for supporting a great cause! And if you missed
up...Jergels for bike night September 30th. And don't forget, Neutral Loss
rocks Station Square at Hard Rock Cafe October 18th. Tickets will be available
next week!!

Be sure to check out our Audio/Video and Photo links above for brand new
video clips and photos!!!!
Also, we regret that we had to cancel our show originally scheduled for
9/20/14 at the Hop House due to personal scheduling conflicts. We look
forward to our show there in November!

Join us Saturday, Sep 13, at Rivertowne Brewery in Export, PA for their annual
Fall Fest celebration. We take the stage at 7 p.m.. Click the flyer at the right
for more details.

Be sure to check our schedule frequently as we continue to add more dates...
more events!!

Hey sure to check our schedule of upcoming shows as we
continue to add more!! Don' t miss a special event at 31 Bar and Grille on
Friday, 8/1/14 with a special start time of 6pm! This one will be out on the deck!

Neutral Loss would like to thank those who came out to The Hop House
tonight! We had a great time and hope you did too. Give it up for Dave Fiore
for keeping the stage clear! We appreciate all the photo and video takers.
And we MUST give a shout out to Stephanie and Andy! You two are loyal
Neutral Loss fans and we truly appreciate it! We appreciate all of YOU! We
hope to see you soon......

Be sure to check our Photos(2) and Audio/Video links above for the latest
photos and video clips!!

Thanks to all of YOU Neutral Loss crazy fans for sharing this special night with
us at 31 Sports Bar & Grille. You were all part of our 150th show , Ricky's 45th
birthday and you all have been with us for this incredible ride. We can't even
begin to thank everyone for all the support over the last 14 years. Tonight
was just another special night for us to rock with YOU and we look forward to
many more as the journey continues....... stay tuned.....

HUGE appreciation to all who came out to Altar Bar tonight to support Neutral
Loss. We had a great time sharing original rock music with Pittsburgh's
original rock bands and Autograph!! TURN UP THE RADIO people! ROCK is NOT
AND NEVER SHALL BE DEAD! Stay ...... Tuned......

Neutral Loss would like to thank The Hop House for having us last night for
out first gig in 2014. You people were nuts last night! Packed house! We can't
begin thanking everyone enough for all the support! Special thanks to Bill
Greer for joining us and to the Fiore crew for making the trip all the way from
Maryland. We'll be back at The Hop House May 10th and our next show is
February 1st at Altar Bar as we open up for Autograph! Check out our
Facebook page for tix!!

Hey everybody! Check out our "Schedule"  link above for upcoming shows
and events for 2014. We're back and ready to rock some new venues!

I just want to thank everyone who came out last night to support  "Neutral
Loss" at Hard Rock Cafe. Always a great time and always faces from the past.
Great to see Douglas Evancho and Jude Abraham. Spcial thanks to Gina
Cutruzzula Barnes and Alicia Cutruzzula Maximo for joining us. You both
sounded great! Playing "Time" was a moment we'll never forget. Stay tuned......

We'd like to thank all those Norwin Alumni for joing us last night at Rodney's.
So many faces from all different years...we had a great time! This was our last
show at Rodney's so we must first thank all of our loyal fans for supporting
our shows at Rodney's. We would not have been there last night without your
support. And thank you to Rodney for having us as one of his premier bands
through the years. Its been a great run and we'll never forget the great times.
From Jim, Rick and Jeff....THANK YOU

Thank you Bill Staley, Chuck Stull, Gina Cutruzzula Barnes and Alicia
Cutruzzula for joining us tonight. We rocked the house! Thanks to all who
came out to Rodney's tonight...always a good time and great to see so many
familiar faces. See you July's gonna be won't want to miss

What a great show and even better crowd at Rodney's last week. We can't
thank you all enough for not just this, our first show of the year, but for all the
years you have supported, followed and encouraged us.
We hope to see everyone at Joey D's for our first show there this year!

Check out our new profile page on

We're Baaack!
Check our schedule link at the top of the page for some of our show dates for

We hope to see ALL of you November 3rd @ Pluma for the Sage's Army
benefit concert! Click the poster link on the right for details

What can we say? Thank you to all who came out to Rodney's! So many friends
of the past came out tonight. It was great to spend an evening with ya. And so
many new faces. We can't thank you all enough for your continued support.
Shout out to Bill Staley....the sound was just SOLID as always. And to Carmen
Capozzi for hangin with us all night. The Barrett's and their guys
were keeping it alive....the ole Lockwood it's been YEARS since
seeing all of you in one room....Karen Lemack Walsh and her side
kick....thanks so much! We hope to see you all at Joey D's on 10/20/12 and we
hope to see ALL of you November 3rd @ Pluma for the Sage's Army benefit
concert! Click the poster link on the right for details!

Thanks to all for a great time at Rodney's. See you in October!

Hey everyone! Check out, just posted, the video clips from our last show at
Joey D's by clicking the Audio/Video link above. Thanks Jen! You're the best!

Once again....much appreciation goes out to all you Neutral Loss fans!! We
had a great time at Joey D's tonight thanks to all of time for a little
break....see you August 25th @ Rodney's !! Great way to close out the
summer! Thank you thank you thank you.....stay tuned ..........and ROCK ON!

THANK YOU.....ONE VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO Carmen Capozzi for checkin us
out tonight....we got to play the original "turned away" dedicated to him and ya bro.....and as always...Gina and Alicia for joining us....sounded
great ladies. GOD .....just too many to list! Love all of you..

We would like to thank Gina and Alicia Cutruzzula for joining us at Rodney's
last night. Girls...your vocals were simply amazing last night! With the deck
open and the "super" moon, you all showed up and we want you to know how
much we appreciate the support. Always so good to see faces of the past! We
hope YOU can see US next week at Joey D's or Rodneys in June. Thank you
Thank you Thank you......ROCK.......AND.......ROLL!! see you soooooooooon!

Great show tonight at the SOKOL Club on the South Side. The Pittsburgh local
rock scene was alive with tons of great musicians all coming out to support a
great cause. We raised significant money for Camp Raising Spirits. Hats off to
Miss Freddye and her band. Look forward to next year.

Check out our Audio/Video link at the top of this page for the most recent
videos of the Hard Rock Cafe show!! Special thanks to Dan Catuara!! Check
his Facebook page for more Neutral Loss videos as well as other local bands

We just wanted to take the time to thank Soul Searchers and Tina Daniels
Melisko for joining us last night. You both sounded great! The crowd? MY
GOODNESS the crowd? It was you the fans that made this show happen last
night. We can't thank you enough for coming out and we hope you liked our
new original "Turning Away"! You are the very first crowd to ever hear it.

Special thank you: Dan Catura for all the video and pics , Frank Murgia for all
your help promoting this show, Jim Cavolo and Tim Bell for all the ticket
sales, Roy at Hard Rock, Jen Antkowiak (very nice meeting you) , Andrea, Zach
and Cody for closing the night with us, Josh makin it sound sweeeeet and the
fire alarm system.

Neutral Loss wishes ALL of you a Happy Easter....

Check the flyer at the right regarding our next appearance on 4/20/12 at the
Sokol Club at the second annual Battle of the Bands benefitting Camp Raising

Many thanks to all the familiar faces last night at Rodney's. And of course, our
special thanks goes to Gina and Alicia.
Now our attention turns to the
Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh and our next
show there on April 7, 2012. Special guests
Soul Searchers will start things off
and then we'll take the stage playing many of your favorite cover tunes along
with a number of our very own original songs. Also, our very special guest
Tina will be joining us to belt out a few tunes as well. Tickets for this exciting
event are only $5!

Thanks to the Deer Lakes Aqua Club for having us last night at their
fund-raiser and a special thanks to Tina for joining us on stage. Lots of fun
was had by all...
Our next show is set for  March 3 at Rodney's in Irwin and we've just added a
show on April 7th at the Hard Rock Cafe at Station Square, Pittsburgh where
we hope to perform more of our original material.

We're back!! Happy new year to everyone and thanks to everyone who came
out last night to Rodney's for a great opening show for 2012. We launched 14
brand new cover tunes and have several more on the back burner for future
shows. As always a special thanks goes out to Gina and Alicia for joining us.
We really do appreciate when they sing with us.
Check out our 'Song List' link above for all the new tunes we've added and
keep checking the 'Schedule' as well as the 'Photos' and 'Audio/Video' pages
for more updates.

We'd like to thank everyone who has made 2011 another great year for
Neutral Loss. 2011 was our 10th year performing together and thanks to you,
we look forward to 10 more! Please periodically check our schedule link
above for new show dates and venues for next year.
We'll see you all in 2012!
Jim, Jeff and Rick...

We had a great time at Joey D's last Saturday. Special thanks to Tina for
joining us and for all the folks who showed up to see another great
performance! We look forward to playing Joey D's soon so keep checking our
schedule for updates. Our next show is at Rodney's in Irwin on 10/1/11.
See you all there!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Joey D's last night- turned out
to be a great show! It's all of you who continue to make these shows fun for
Thanks again!
Keep checking our audio/video page for new additions. Clips form the Joey
D's show will be there soon.

\Wow! What a turnout at Rodney's last night. Thanks so much to all you '86ers
who showed up- it was great to see so many familiar faces. Thanks as always
to Gina and Alicia for another great performance. Checkout Neutral Loss on
Facebook and YouTube for lots of photos and videos. We'll see you all at the
next show!

Thanks to the Bethel Park Youth Football league for having us last night at
their fund raising event. We had a great time!
Join us at Rodney's in Irwin on June 25. We look forward to another great
crowd as always!

A great turnout was had last night at Sing-Sing for the Camp Raising Spirits
Cancer benefit show. We'd like to thank Mary for having us as well as all who
showed up. We'd also like to thank the other 2 bands,
Soul Searchers and
Chip DiMonick for their stellar performances. Although we won the "Battle Of
The Bands" contest last night, it was really all about the charity winning and
we were proud to be part of such a great organization. Thanks again

What a great show and an even better crowd last night at Rodney's! Thank
you to all who were present including all those familiar faces from yesteryear
please click the following link regarding our next , very special, performance:
Cancer Benefit. Please join us along with 3 other bands on Thursday, 4/21/11
at Sing-Sing (next to Rock Bottom at the Waterfront).

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Joey D's last night especially those
die hard fans who came all the way from MD. Our next show is 4/9/11 at
Rodney's in Irwin and then we're doing a benefit show at Rock Bottom at the
Waterfront on 4/21/11. Click
here for more info...

No doubt, one of our most memorable shows was had last night at the Hard
Rock Cafe. We want to thank the Classholes for starting things off. They got
the crowd revved up and  once we took the stage, the crowd was hot all night
long. Loved it! Special thanks, as always, to Gina and Alicia who belted out a
few tunes with us. Keep checking our schedule- we'll be adding more shows
in new venues as the year progresses and we'll certainly be back at the Hard
Rock later this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary! 10 years of this shit.
WOW! Finally, happy 21st birthday to Ashley who was present last night and
thoroughly enjoyed her new freedom!!

What a great crowd at Joey D's last night. A special thanks goes out to Doug
and Debbie and their group as well as Dave and Jenny for making the show
another enjoyable one. We look forward to seeing all of you again at the Hard
Rock Cafe on 2/19/11.

Check out our new audio and NOW VIDEO link above. Keep checking back for
more samples...

Thank you to all of you who showed up at Diesel last night for the United Way
benefit show! We had a blast and look forward to playing there again soon.
We'll keep you posted...

Hey folks. We've just added a new show: Friday, December 10 at
Diesel in
Pittsburgh. This will be a benefit show for the United Way. We're excited to
play Diesel for the first time and look forward to a great crowd as always!
Keep checking our schedule for new shows.

Another great show was had at The Oakmont Tavern. So good that we'll be
back there for our next show on October 9th! A special thanks goes out to the
great crowd on hand and especially to Debbie and Doug who finally made it
out to a show. We hope to see you guys again at future shows.

The Owens' Benefit show was a big hit yesterday. A very nice turnout was on
hand for a very special cause. We in Neutral Loss would like to extend our
best wishes to T.J. and Mary Owens and thanks to Linda for having us at this
special event.
Check out our new Audio Page link above and join us on 9/11 at the Oakmont
Tavern for our next show!

We'd like to thank Andy Bendel for having us at his annual bash last night.
Great food and booze was had by all. We hope to be invited next year!
Now on to our next show. A special event benefit show at the Norwin Elks
Club featuring yours truly along with 2 other bands and other activities. Click
here for more details.  We hope to see all of you at the Norwin Elks on August
29, 2010!

Thanks to Jason at Joey D's for having us last night. Great place and great
crowd! We look forward to playing there again. Keep checking the schedule
for all upcoming dates. Our next show is 7/31/10 at  a private party but friends
of the band are welcome so check with one of us for details...

Yet another great show at Rodney's last night (hope that dude's OK). It's
always great to see so many familiar faces! Our next show is at a new venue
for us: Joey D's in Harmar. We'll be there next Saturday, 6/26/10. Hope to see
you there!

Wow! What a show last night at the Hard Rock Cafe! Thanks to everyone who
came out. We're told there were close to 200 people present and it felt like
500! Special thanks again to Stag Stag Stag for opening the night for us. We'll
do it again sometime guys. Also, thanks again to Gina and Alicia for another
great performance. If anyone missed picking up one of our CDs, click the
links at the left to purchase online. Check back soon for photos. You might
be caught on film doing something naughty!

Another great show was had last night at Rodney's and we now turn our
attention to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Pittsburgh. We'll be there on
Friday, 6/4/10 along with a special guest opening band, Stag Stag Stag. You
don't want to miss it! We only play the Hard Rock a couple of times per year so
make plans to be there.

It's always a great time at the Oakmont Tavern and last Saturday was no
exception. The crowd was great and the Pens won! What more can one ask?
Our next show is this Saturday, 5/15/10, at Rodney's in Irwin. Again, if you
haven't made it to a show there yet you really should check this place out.
Why not Saturday?

Thanks to Mike, Gary and the staff at Grim's Roadhouse for a fun show there
last night. And of course a special thanks goes out to the crowd who always
make it fun for us. We look forward to scheduling more shows at Grim's
Roadhouse. By the way, check out our Song List as it continues to grow with
new cover tunes from different bands. And, we're still working on those
brand new originals as well...

Thanks to everyone who sat through the technical delays at the start of the
show last night at Rodney's. It was well worth the wait- another great show
was had! Another great crowd on hand as well! Rodney's has really
established itself as the premier "night club" in the area for dancing and live
bands. We'll be there again on May 15th so be sure to check it out!

A special thanks goes out to all you dancing queens at the Oakmont Tavern
last night. You gals were great (and fun to watch :)). Another great crowd
made last night's show at the Tav a memorable one. As always, thanks to
Alicia for another great performance. You can catch Alicia along with her
sister Gina with us again on March 27 at Rodney's in Irwin.

Boy do we love playing at The Lighthouse (Grim's Roadhouse)! A great crowd
was on hand last Saturday night and we delivered a tremendous show. Keep
checking our schedule as we will be booking more shows there in the future.
Thanks to everybody who showed up...

What a great show last night at Rodney's. The crowd was fantastic and we
loved every minute of it! Check our schedule for future dates at Rodney's in
Irwin. Our next show is Saturday, 2/20/10 at Grim's Roadhouse in Imperial, PA.
Don't be fooled by the name. This venue was formerly known as The
Lighthouse where we played last year for the first time. It's one of the few
venues around here dedicated to rock bands. Don't be shy, take a drive and
check this place out.
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Jeff DiPerna
Jim DiPerna